Company Profile


媛铂蕊的前身是由一批业绩卓著的南都期货的交易员组建的私募对冲基金。(南都期货成立于1993年,是国内首批专业期货公司之一。 后经光大证券兼并, 改组更名为光大期货有限公司)这批核心交易员在2003年接触到全国最早的外汇交易平台,即 ODL,并在操作中传承了保证金交易的核心理念。






Shanghai BellePlatinumStamen Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (BPS) is the global mainstream trading platform broker, which is principally engaged in the hedge fund business, providing investors professional investment advices including currency, crude oil, CFDs and precious metals and other financial transactions. BPS has a solid motherboard financial strength as well as professional industry research team. Relying on the core margin traders for many years’ experience, BPS is integrating global resources to provide quality wealth management and investment advisory services business for investors.

Development Process
BPS predecessor was private hedge fund established by a group of outstanding performance traders from Southern Futures. (Southern futures was established in 1993, is one of the first professional futures companies. After the merger by the Everbright Securities, Southern Futures was restructuring and changed name to Everbright Futures Co., Ltd.) This core group of traders exposed to the country’s first foreign exchange trading platform in 2003, namely, ODL, and transmitted the core concept of margin trading in operation.

Subsequently, these core traders founded the BPS, and established partnerships with a number of global hedge fund operators.

Now the company is located in the Hitime International Building, Hongkou District, Shanghai (Sichuan Road No. 888), adjacent to Shanghai hedge funds Park, facing the national and global customers, providing professional overseas financial investment advisory services for high net worth individuals and institutional clients “one-stop” wealth management solutions.

Investment Philosophy
BPS adheres to the strict risk control as a fundamental of all investments, will invest careful planning as a guarantee income. We have forward-looking perspective on the global market, with a keen sense of wit judging the market trend. BPS provides a wealth of lasting stability Value-added services for our customers.

Service tenet
BPS adheres to the “Integrity” based on the financial investment industry to win the trust of customers. In the perspective of the customers control the quality of service, and fit the financial needs of different customers, the adapted investment management services are provided.

Company Vision
Since its establishment, BPS were making great efforts and fighting courageously to exploit a new world. With the company’s expansion, we will continue in the whole China and the world to open up a new development direction. In 2016, North American division is to be set up which is located in Canada, as well as part of the company’s overseas training will also come into operation. Adhering to the marketing idea of “reputation as life, quality as the basis, to serve as guarantee”, BPS looks forward to growing together with you to create more wealth!